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All of us at Bemore Academy believe that keeping a healthy body and mind are important tasks of human existence in order to create a better environment and world. We are here to support individuals and companies to change their lives positively through becoming aware of own values, improving communication skills and team engagement. Goal setting and action plan building with Points of You™ tools for development and inspiration make our trainings unique and extremely inspiring.

We invite you to join us in some of our public events – Urban Pause series – dedicated to improve self – awareness, clarity of achievements and goals. FITTOBE program set to move individuals and teams in to basic habit of working with body and mind on regular basis. ICF accredited Points of You™ Train the Trainer program is suitable for individuals and groups that are interested to take their careers to the next level with Points of You™ tools for training and development For companies we offer team engagement, cooperation and communication programs that are designed specifically to meet clients’ needs best. For companies that want to encourage their teams to live healthy lives – we offer specially redesigned FITTOBE Team program – balanced sessions for being FIT IN and FIT OUT. Coorporate services are available in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and UK. Don’t wait and contact us now [email protected] or call us +371 2 4559197

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Asta Velyvyte

Pleased to meet You! Asta is certified Points of You™ trainer and she is here to invite you to join our tribe. Asta uses Points of You™ methods and tools in her daily work with clients: “The Coaching Game” and “Punctum” are the basis for her workshops. Attendees of her special Points of You™ workshops are eligible to apply for ICF credits.

Joel Weatherill

Meet Joel! With over twenty years of experience in the sports industry, leading workshops globally (UK – England, US – California, EU – Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia) he is all about supporting you in building your daily exercise routines. Joel specializes in pilates, TRX, swiss ball and kettle bell. Joel believes that everybody needs to find their own inspiration and spread it around the globe, he is deeply committed to his community no matter where he is – ranging from helping to build outdoor exercise parks to enabling the physically disabled to stay fit.

Our methods

Fit In

We live in a busy world. Our mind is always busy with thoughts about what needs to be done, “I need to remember ” or “I need to do” and so on and on. “Fit In” allows us to stop. Look around. Listen and understand. During “Fit in” days we use Points of You™ methods.

Fit Out

On the go – that is what our world is about today. Breakfast, office, lunch, meeting, home, dinner, bed and not much about what our body needs to stay healthy. “Fit out” days focus on building healthy exercise routines that you can do by yourself or with your family where ever you choose to do it. Our focus is to support you in finding your own way of doing a daily workout.

While we will work in a group – you will practise exercises that are necessary to help you stay healthy, learn to be able to create your own workout routine that is best for you.

Points of You™ method


Pausing enables us to exhale and look at our lives from a distance. The pause is a basic and necessary step we must take in order to break out of the “thought loop” and our automatic functioning.


In this step we are searching for the unknown, without knowing where it will lead. We try to observe life from many different perspectives.


After examining all the relevant points of view we focus on insights relevant to us. Via guiding questions, we clarify which of the options that arose appears correct and most suits our individual “build” and internal rhythm.


This is the stage where in we shift from the potential to the concrete. We draft an action plan, or To-Do List, that sets forth the measurable steps that we must carry out and a timetable for realizing our insight.

Our Services


  • – growth through mindful exercising
  • – 1 month 3 times/week/90 min workout for your body and soul (evening classes);
  • – Each class is designed to expand your thoughts, reflect on meaningful life topics and boost your energy with physical exercises;
  • – Trainers will lead your way into strengthening healthy lifestyle habit once you bring your determination to this program.
  • – Needed tools will be provided through the training (The coaching game, workout plans, diaries – all yours to keep!)
  • – After graduation you can easily adapt the program for your personal needs and continue growth.
  • – You will receive one individual coaching session
  • – One follow up session after graduation
  • – Bemore Academy certification

Pristine moon© – reflect on what is happening around you, clear your mind and find inner peace in this 90 minute workshop.

BeMore workshops to open new opportunities for groups and individuals – Points of You™ tools and methods

Workshops for Your business team building, team engagement, communication and cooperation – Points of You™ tools and methods

Points of You™ Train the Trainer – Explorer program for curious people that want to learn how to improve your personal and professional life using Points of You™ methods and tools, graduates of this program get certification and are eligible to apply for ICF CCEUs.

Points of You™ Train the Trainer –  Creator program for those who are willing to pay it forward with Points of You™ tools and methods and get internationally acknowledged Points of You™ certification eligible to apply for ICF CCEUs.

The coaching game



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